Film must be

1. 2mins to 7mins

2. Available in 1080p

3. Have no copyright music

4. Be suitable for all auidences

5. Include riding

6. Intertwine the film theme of 'Good News'

7. Available for embedding on this website

The Judging Criteria

The long-term intent is to build a relationship between Australias Brands and Australia's filmers/riders. The Below will be considered

Digital Impact

As all films will be hosted and available to watch for 7 days after the festival, this will allow 100% objective measures. The impact will be based on watched % of the total film.

Social Impact

All films will have a 7-15 second social video - and it will be linked to a page on this website. The click-through and engagement is part of the judging.

The Premiere

Subjective judgment on the biggest cheer, crowd involvement and general stoke


These will be judged by the RTE team


Sound Quality
Music Score.